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  • First photographic tour of the world (2019-2022)

    The First Photographic Tour of the World is a collaborative project on a global scale, in which all the participants, the navigators of today, will build a visual journey sharing images of both reality and dreams, just as the navigators of yesterday would have done in their time. The central concept is the creation of a global network tracking the trip five hundred years later.

    We will travel without traveling, and follow the Magallan flotilla in search of spices and the passage to the Indies in the west. Going back 500 years, we’ll set sail on the same ships that sought to connect a still unknown world. At the same time we’ll be connected to the whole world and the trip, which is virtual, will be a kind of exchange of information and visual experiences within a global mind.

    We have divided the trip into several stages, within which there will be a route plan with the dates of passage through the stages of the original trip:

    • Departure from Spain
    • Tour of America
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
    • Return to Spain

    This photographic expedition is part of the project << The Earth is flat! Or not? >>. By uniting science and art the project aims to relate how knowledge of the spherical nature of Earth has been reached whilst at the same time giving the participants the means to demonstrate this fact in real time. Within this project, Magallan and Elcano’s trip is key, since it was the first fruitful attempt at a circumnavigation of the planet.

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